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CLTech Alliance
with Westheimer Consulting

CLTC has formed a strategic and resourcing alliance for data management and GIS projects with the U.S. based affiliate of Westheimer Energy Consultants, Ltd. The collaboration resulted in the publication of a whitepaper, "Enabling a Spatial Data Management Strategy."

Click is line to view the paper . . .

A review of the paper can be found in the OilIT Online Journal at:
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APO Offshore and CLTech present at
Oil and Gas Maintenance Technology Conference

The i-Platform solution got more publicity at the OGMT in September in New Orleans, with a paper entitled "Generating Predictive Maintenance KPI's with Neural Networks", presented alongside solutions from Emerson and Devon. The presentation is available at this URL. . .
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Horizontal Drilling Software
Project Management

CLTC is project managing the commercial release of LatNav.NET v 4.1, a log correlation package for horizontal drilling.

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CLTC in New Orleans - April 11-14, 2010

A CLTC paper on “Adapting Oil and Gas Data Strategies for CO2 Sequestration” has been accepted for the AAPG 2010 Annual Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana 11 - 14 April.

To download this paper, click this line . . .
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CLTC presentation named one of three “Notables” at ESRI PUG

VizWorld’s Maitri Erwin blogs about the conference and the impact of CLTC work in Carbon Sequestration

See blogs here . . .
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CLTC Event Calendar
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CLTech co-author of paper at AAPG in Calgary

"The Emergence of New Data Types in Unconventional Plays", generated interest in the technical session and on the exhibit floor in the Horizontal Solutions International booth, and was featured in the November 2010 AAPG Explorer at this URL.

Click here for a downloadable - printable copy . . .
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CLTech consultants support MetaCarta during User Group Meeting and "Mashup" in West Australia

A lead consultant and technical integration champion has been seconded to Schlumberger in Perth and assigned to a project to apply best practices and lessons learned from the oil and gas data management sector to the design and deployment of Exploration Data Access solutions for the West Australia mining industry: Read more here . . .

A whitepaper, "Enabling Data Access with Automatic Mapping" has been prepared for submission to the Third International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services (GEOProcessing 2011) in Febuary 2011 in Guadeloupe, France.

Get a draft of  the Whitepaper here . . . 
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2010 Presentation at Houston's PPDM

A copy of the CLTC presentation from the 2010 PPDM Houston User Group Meeting is now available.

Click through here to view . . .
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CLTech Presents to CIO's of Leading Shale Operators in Dallas

CLTech Lead Consultant Jess Kozman was invited to Dallas to lead a select group of Energy IT Executives in a facilitated discussion of "Industry Information Management Trends". The meeting was hosted by EXCO Resources and the group includes representatives from Apache, Mustang Fuel, Quicksilver Resources, XTO, JWO, Hunt Oil, Petrohawk, Williams, CrossTex Energy, Holly Corp., Merit Energy, Pioneer, Hilcorp, Samson, Chesapeake, SandRidge, and HPIDC.

Presentation attached: CIOMeetingv4.pdf
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CO2 Sequestration Presentation
The abstract and full text of CLTC’s paper on “Geophysical data management maturity for CO2 sequestration: An emerging challenge," presented at the 2009 SEG is now available.

Get it here. . .
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Oil IT Journal

CLTC is a regular contributor to Oil IT Journal, an online technology magazine. Click here to view the Oil IT Journal . . .

Contact CLTech for special subscription rates!
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CLTC Twitter Updates
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CLTech strategic partner APO Offshore featured at 2010 ISA Automation Week

This premier Technology and Solutions Event included the i-Platform solution in the Energy Technical Track, Asset Management for Energy Sources and Generation, with a paper on "Intelligent Platforms to Manage Offshore Assets", October 2010 in Houston. Other participants in the session included Emerson and Rockwell.

Go here for session details . . .

View, download or print this paper . . .
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CLTech Leads off PPDM Data Management Conference in Perth, Western Australia

CLTech opened the first day of the Perth Data Management Conference after participating in the Business Rules workgroup the day before at Woodside Petroleum. The presentation on "PPDM for Asset Management" set the stage for two days of presentations and workshops focused on workflows and education.

Read this paper, PPTVIEW_PPDM_Perth_2010.pdf

CLTech will also be collaborating with PPDM on an education syllabus for data managers.

Go here for more information . . .
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CLTC Presentation at AAPG 2010

“Adapting Oil and Gas Data Strategies for CO2 Sequestration” Go to this page for more . . .

View the slides . . .

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More news from the Rice Alliance
APO Offshore - One of Top Five Most Promising Companies:

Read and download the Rice Alliance Article . . .

Two of the three venture capitalists on the evaluation panel singled out APO Offshore as one of the 24 companies deserving follow-up:
Read more . . .
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APO Offshore, a strategic partner of CLTC, was again featured at the 7th Annual Rice Alliance IT / Web 2.0 Venture Forum in December 2009, where they presented their 90-second “elevator speech” for potential investors and business partners. APO Offshore is using CLTC expertise to design, develop, and deploy a real-time monitoring and predictive analytics solution for surface equipment on offshore rigs.
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Marketing and Business Development

CLTC is now providing marketing, design consulting and business development services for 3-GiG Software, preparing case studies on four implementations for publication and presentation and an updated Web presence. Details on the 3-GiG solution for workflows supporting strategic and proprietary information supporting field development studies and other upstream business processes can be found at:
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BBarrels, Bytes,
Rocks & Roadtrips

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